Técnica y Avance


In Técnica y Avance we have more than 35 years of technical and commercial experience in the management, development and consulting of projects in the cable production sector. We represent the leading firms in the sector, which allows us to provide a satisfactory service and an accurate response to the needs of our customers.

  • 37
    years of experience
  • 13
    represented firm
  • 9
    collaborating firms
  • + 200




Técnica y Avance manages the delivery of all types of machinery associated with the production of cables. We analyze the needs of the client, we study the available options and we offer the best solution.

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original spare parts supply

The use of original spare parts guarantees the best conditions for the operation of the machinery and prolongs its useful life. Técnica y Avance only supplies parts from the original manufacturers.

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technical advice and after-sales service

our experience in cable production has allowed us to manage very diverse projects, we provide the best solutions to the needs of our customers with maximum flexibility.

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machinery with which we work

  • magnetic coupling
  • accumulators
  • feeders
  • winding rollers
  • spools
  • shaft seals
  • spindle printing
  • cable winder
  • magnetic discs claws
  • pneumatic control clutch
  • enraging
  • current controlled hysteresis brakes
  • permanent magnet hysteresis brakes
  • magnetic particle brakes
  • magnetic torque limiter
  • rewind lines
  • rod tow lines
  • custom machines
  • winding machines
  • cutting machines
  • unwinding machines
  • printing machines
  • pulleys
  • rollers
  • length measurement systems
  • single wire drawing machines
  • drawing machines online
  • multi-wire drawing machines
  • ups

Represented Firms


wire drawing, annealing and inductive annealing, unwinding, winding, encestadores, cableadoras, braiding, enmalladoras. nps systems for isolated cables


wide range of hysteresis brakes and magnetic powder brakes, uncoilers, winders, clutches, fast-lock, easy-lock, pulleys and guide ceramic and plastic threads.


lines for the manufacture of fiber optic cables: coloring and banding lines, secondary coating extrusion lines and covers, wiring lines sz.


wide range of hysteresis brakes and magnetic powder brakes, uncoilers, winders, clutches, fast-lock, easy-lock, pulleys and guide ceramic and plastic threads.


Filtration systems for cooling media, lubricants and fluids in industrial processes.


dosing for extruders: single-dose units, color change systems, volumetric mixing stations


gesadur: material of great resistance and durability for support rollers in the wire braiding industry and other processes such as repulsion

Johann Leimbach

auxiliary equipment for extrusion lines: unwinders, simple winders, automatic doubles, accumulators and rewinding lines.

Verschleiss Technik

specialists in ceramic components for the cable industry. rollers and steel and ceramic wire drawing cones. contact tubes. guide wires and ceramic pulleys.


Cost-Effective Automated Packaging Solutions For The Wire & Cabling Industries


extrusion lines of pvc pipes and profiles. compunding lines. manufacturers of plasticizing sets (sleeves and spindles) for any extruder on the market.

Bühler Fedex

Cold rolling, drawing, annealing of almost any existing alloy, including ferrous, non-ferrous, and all precious metal alloys.


specialists in electrolytic coating lines.